Apps Made For You


SEND Apps MADE for Individuals – Our bespoke app building platform gives parents, healthcare workers, carers & teachers the ability to build bespoke mobile apps to further enable independence in the lives of individuals with special educational needs and disabilities. Build a private individual app specific to user’s needs and information personal to them or to maintain a library of themed social story and instructional apps for a range of specified users.

Designed to provide a wide variety of features that can be tailored in presentation for the end user, our platform is an easy to use interface that gives anyone the ability to build a mobile app. Any topic can be covered to provide the end user with a guide through tasks or provide further information being as basic or detailed as required.

Your App, Your Content – With the My SEND Apps platform you are in control of content. Make the app fit the person, not the person fit the app. Use your own photos, videos, audio files and content to personalise your app. Add step by step instruction, social stories, visual timetables, PECs galleries, and link in external help information such as weather or live transportation information and make instant changes via the portal.

Easy to Use Build Platform – the My SEND App platform is easy to use with drag and drop functionality. If you can use email or social media accounts, you can build your own app on our platform. Upload pictures, videos, PDF documents and audio files within the media resource centre while writing your own app page content in a simple text box.

We provide detailed training resources, so you can get started on building your app straight away. If you require any tech support or support related to writing your very own sensory support for the first time, we have a friendly team of experienced advisors who will be able to guide you through the process.

Looking for Inspiration For Your Own App?

Check out our example app available on the apple & google play app store to get a feel for features you could use in your own bespoke mobile app.

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